Nature and Human Personality: Homeopathic Archetypes

Nature and Human Personality: Homeopathic Archetypes

  • Catherine R. Coulter




There is no better way to be introduced to the richness and healing powers of homoeopathy than through an understanding of the major archetypes. Lively and detailed, a pleasure to read.
210 pp pb
ISBN 0-9713082-4-1

From the Book

In Nature and Human Personality: Homeopathic Archetypes, the author explores the ever-fascinating interaction of body, mind, and the natural world - and presents concise, lively, and penetrating descriptions of twelve of the most frequently employed homeopathic remedies.

Because homeopathy is a therapeutic system oriented towards the individual rather than the disease, awareness of the characteristics of the whole person is vital.

The charts that accompany every chapter delineate characteristic patterns of symptoms, define the body regions and systems most affected, and summarize the mental picture for each remedy.

Catherine R. Coulter's books have been twice chosen as one of "the best books of the year " in the category of non-fiction in The Independent of London (Portraits, Vol. 1 in 1986 and Vol. 2 in 1988).

The reviewer notes, "If you are interested in the basic human types out of which we are all made up, then this [book] is for you. . .Ms. Coulter is a masterly psychologist who writes enchantingly."


Foreword by Stephanie K Stevens MD MPH -- ix
Introduction by Catherine R Coulter -- xi
Phosphorus: The Element -- 1
Calcarea carbonica: The Oyster -- 17
Lycopodium: The Clubmoss -- 31
Sepia: Ink of the Cuttlefish -- 49
Sulphur: The Mineral -- 61
Pulsatilla: The Meadow Anemone -- 79
Arsenicum album: Arsenic -- 93
Lachesis: The Bushmaster --111
Silica: The Quartz Crystal --129
Nux vomica: The Poison Nut --143
Natrum muriaticum: Sodium Chloride -- 161
Thuja: The Arbor Vitae -- 183
Conclusion -- 199
Suggested Readings -- 201
Index -- 203

Catherine Coulter

(1934 - 2014)

Catherine Coulter was born on January 21st 1934 in London, England. She died Feb 24 2014 at the age of 80.

Ms. Coulter practiced classical homeopathy half time since 1961, full time since 1974. She taught since 1975, mainly in the United States using the preceptorship method, working only in conjunction with licensed practitioners. She was affiliated with the National Center of Homoeopathy and the Summer School Course for Physicians. (Lecturer on Materia Medica 1977 - 1988)

Ms. Coulter penned 'Portraits of Homoeopathic Medicines' (4 Volumes). Her books are thoroughly documented. If there is no reference to a classical text then, as far as she is aware, she has been the first to make the observation in the homeopathic literature.

This, however, only refers to the mental-emotional symptoms. She did not document every physical symptom, for fear of weighing down the book and because these are easily accessed in the standard literature.