Homeopathic Alternatives to Immunization

Homeopathic Alternatives to Immunization

  • Susan Curtis


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A guide for travelers and parents seeking an alternative to being immunized.
85pp pb
ISBN 1-874581-02-9


Curtis brings to bear her many years experience of natural remedies; providing practical information on the prevention and treatment of the main infectious diseases.

From the Book

Practical information on the prevention and treatment of the main infectious diseases including Hepatitis, Influenza, Malaria, Measles, Whooping Cough, etc.

  • How to use homeopathic remedies
  • Homeopathic materia medica
  • First aid / travel kit
  • Notes for travelers and for parents
  • Fully indexed


Introduction -- 1

Part I
Chapter 1: The Case Against Immunization -- 5

Chapter 2: Homeopathy -- 8
Potency -- 10
Dosage -- 11
Taking the remedy -- 11

Chapter 3: Plant Medicine -- 13
Essential Oils -- 14
Medicinal Herbs -- 16

Part II The Diseases
Cholera -- 20
Diphtheria -- 21
Hepatitis -- 22
Influenza -- 24
Malaria -- 25
Measles -- 26
Meningitis -- 28
Mumps -- 21
Polio -- 32
Rubella -- 34
Tetanus -- 35
Tuberculosis -- 36
Typhoid -- 38
Whooping cough -- 39
Yellow Fever -- 40

Part III Homeopathic Materia Medica - 42

First Aid /Travel Kit -- 70
Notes for Travelers -- 74
Notes for Parents -- 75
Contacts and Suppliers - -76
Suggested Reading -- 78

Index -- 80

Susan Curtis

Susan Curtis has worked with natural medicines since 1979. She originally trained as a homeopath and has since studied and used other forms of natural healing including herbs and essential oils.

For several years, Susan practiced homeopathy professionally at a clinic of natural medicine in London. More recently she has committed herself to writing and helping people treat themselves using natural remedies.

She is the co-author of Neal's Yard Natural Remedies and Natural Healing for Women, and author of Essential Oils.

Susan has two children and lives in Kent, England.