Manfred Mueller

RsHom(NA), CCH


Manfred Mueller

Manfred Mueller is a homeopathic practitioner and educator. His entry in Yasgur's Dictionary says:

"Manfred is a German-born U.S. homeopath who pioneered "Reverse Chronological Tautopathy" ("clearing remedies") — a systematic approach to removing the secondary effects of past suppressions (as from antibiotics, steroids, NSAIDS, vaccines, etc.) by a brief "pre-treatment" with the same or similar substance in potentized form."

In his practice Mueller uses multiple strategies that integrate current scientific insight into homeopathic methodology without sacrificing the classical principles. He has developed a comprehensive approach to homeopathic treatment that not only removes obstacles to cure but also addresses the predisposition to cancer, one of the most prominent disorders of our time.

In 1989 he founded The Homeopathic College, which specializes in distance learning modules teaching advanced homeopathic concepts. Since 1995 he has been an integrative medicine consultant for the Program on Integrative Medicine for the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, at Chapel Hill, NC, USA.

Mueller has been President of the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) since 2005, is a board member of the Homeopathic Action Alliance (HAA) and former board member of the Council for Homeopathic Education (now called ACHENA).

For more information about his teaching, please visit or you can visit the website of his practice at

Mr. Mueller has published numerous tutorial CDs that elaborate his clinically proven approach. These CDs can be ordered through the WHN Books section of this website.

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